The AMA wants access to the hundreds of asylum seekers and refugees languishing on Manus Island.

The asylum seekers have been inside the Australian-run Manus Island centre for almost three weeks as part of a standoff that the United Nations has warned could descend into “humanitarian crisis”.

With no more food, water or medical supplies on the way, the situation is becoming dire.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says the government must allow independent doctors and other health experts to help.

“The AMA has made many representations on this matter, both publicly and in private but, with a worsening and more dangerous situation emerging on Manus, the federal council strongly believes that urgent action and answers are needed,” AMA president Michael Gannon said on the weekend.

“It is our responsibility as a nation with a strong human rights record to ensure that we look after the health and wellbeing of these men, and provide them with safe and hygienic living conditions.”

The 421 asylum seekers on Manus island say they too afraid of the local community to move to new transit centres, after the PNG supreme court ruled the detention centre be shut down.