Some post office operators say Australia Post is not paying them enough, as their business costs continue to escalate.

The way Australia Post does business is set for some kind of upheaval soon, with numerous reports of money-shortages across its services.

The most recent comes from the Licensed Post Office Group, which says that a surge in online shopping in particular has hit operators hard, and they are not being renumerated adequately for the extra work of delivering more parcels than ever.

A Group spokesperson says operators have not seen an increase in the rate of 29 cents a parcel since 1993.

The matter may be taken to court if it cannot be resolved soon, as some licensees say their businesses will go under if talks between the lobby and Australia Post drag on any longer.

A Senate inquiry into Australia Post is underway, but is not due to report until August.

Meanwhile Australia Post says it has put $40 million toward easing the strain for regional licensees.