The South Australian and Victorian Governments have formed a united front at the recent Council of Australian Government meeting in an effort to get Federal and State governments to use a majority of Australian made vehicles in their fleets.

The two car-making states have announced they will co-author an agenda item on Government fleet vehicle procurement policy in a bid to bolster local car manufacturing.

South Australia Premier Jay Weatheril said that he and his Victorian counterpart, Denis Napthine, would encourage governments to set a target that the majority of their fleets are Australian made.

“The car manufacturing industry remains economically important to Australia’s future,” Mr Weatherill said.

“The Australian automotive industry directly employs about 48,500 people and another four to six people are employed in supporting industries for every direct automotive job.

‘All governments – Federal and State - need to play a part in investing in the longevity of the automotive sector.”

Mr Weatherill said that of the total South Australian Government passenger vehicle fleet of approximately 5000 vehicles, 99 per cent are Australian-made and 74 per cent of those are Holden vehicles.