The federal sports agency wants to reduce the massive cost of inactivity.

Sport Australia has launched a new campaign - ‘Move It AUS’ - to encourage Australians of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to become physically active.

Inactivity is having a negative impact on our health and waistlines. Australia is now the third most obese English-speaking country in the world, with two thirds of adults and a quarter of children considered overweight or obese.

Recent studies have predicted Australia faces $88 billion of extra health and social costs over the next 10 years if people do not get moving.

AIS Chief Medical Officer Dr David Hughes said Sport Australia is calling on all Australians to find time for at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

“Just 30 minutes of physical activity per day reduces the risk of heart disease by 35 per cent, helps to keep you fit and flexible, and improves overall health and wellbeing,” Dr Hughes said.

“Your 30 minutes a day doesn’t need to be in a gym or on the sporting field, it doesn’t even need to be all at once, it just needs to raise the heart-rate.

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer is confident that the new campaign will encourage Australians to put their health and wellbeing first and make incremental changes towards a more active lifestyle.

“Recognising that we lead busy and hectic lives, the ‘Move It AUS’ campaign will raise awareness and provide useful tools to help Australians to prioritise physical activity. It will encourage new behaviours that will lead to a healthier life,” she said.

The campaign forms part of the federal government agency’s new vision for Australia to become the world’s most active sporting nation.