The Federal Government has announced the invitation list, program and facilitators for the Tax Forum to be held in Canberra on 4 and 5 October.


The final decision of the invitation list comes after the Federal Government recorded around 500 expressions of interest from community groups, businesses and organisations applying to attend the Tax Forum.


"As part of the discussion, participants will need to keep in mind the Government's commitment to fiscal discipline. To this end, participants will be invited to provide a statement that outlines their proposals and how they can be funded," Treasurer Wayne Swan said in a statement.


The federally appointed forum facilitators are as follows

  • Paul Clitheroe - a leading commentator on financial issues and is renowned for his ability to explain complex money issues in plain English. As Chair of the Financial Literacy Board, he has established a national strategy to improve the financial skills of all Australians through schools and the workplace.
  • Michael Pascoe - one of Australia's most respected and experienced finance and economics commentators, with 37 years in newspaper, broadcast and online journalism covering economic, business and finance issues.


The invitation list and program are available at the Tax Forum website at


The announcement comes as the Federal Government has released an exposure legislation draft for the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax. The draft can be found here