The Federal Government has released its first discussion paper for its planned tax reform, described the move as the first step in ‘an ambitious tax reform agenda’.

The paper outlines a number of future challenges that the Australian Government hopes to address, stating that future reform must take into account dealing with the emergent economic dominance of Asia in global markets while also offsetting the impacts of the country’s ‘patchwork economy’.

“The tax system is a major driver of the type of fair and prosperous society that we want. This is why reform of the tax and transfer system is important to achieving our economic goals. Tax reform should aim to make the economy stronger, our society fairer and the tax system simpler,” the Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan writes in the introduction to the paper.

Commonwealth public servants are planning to strike in over 40 sites in the coming days after pay disputes continue to stall.

The Federal Government has signed off with all states and territories on details of the national health reform, agreed to in principle by COAG in February.

Australia is set to see fewer disputes resolved in court thanks to a suite of reforms made to the federal legal system according to Attorney-General Robert McClelland.  

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