All tiers of Australian government will have to respond to the rise of driverless cars, experts say.

The shadow minister for innovation Kim Carr has been spotted at protests over the planned shedding of 275 jobs at CSIRO.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s name has appeared in the Panama Papers database.

The Climate Council of Australia (CCA) has warned that the fate of the Great Barrier Reef could be sealed in the next term of Federal Government.

The final report from South Australia's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has been released.

Surveys have revealed a significant decrease in cannabis use by young Australians.

Save the Children has released a new report revealing Australia’s luckiest and toughest places to be a mum.

Australian experts are looking at crypto-currency coding to boost government services.

Climate scientists say green targets set at COP21 in Paris are too ambiguous.

The Federal Government says it will need councils to help it deliver the Smart Policy pillar of its Smart Cities Plan.

Thousands of jobs will be cut in the federal public sector after the government announced more ‘efficiency dividends’.

Researchers say they may have located the wreck of the HMS Endeavour.

State governments have given a mixed reading of this week’s Budget, depending largely on the political leaning of their leaders.

Authorities say the Federal Government has missed the opportunity to show leadership on nature and climate action.

CSIRO has avoided major cuts in the new budget, and there are calls for job cuts to be delayed.

Experts say that as dry days increase and water supplies disappear, large part of the Middle East and North Africa will become unliveable.

This week’s federal budget has been slammed for failing women, children and victims of domestic violence.

This week has seen the start of what could be a landmark climate change case in Australia.

Health advocates say the Government should not sell welfare short to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Possibly tens of thousands of Student Payment claims have been “auto-rejected” by Centrelink, insiders claim.

UK experts say e-cigarettes could be of great benefit to public health.

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