Public Sector EL1 - EL2 Women in Leadership Masterclass


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Event date: March 2020
Event location: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Brisbane

Event description

The EL1-EL2 Women in Leadership Masterclass is taking place in 4 cities in March 2020. This event has been designed to help you to:

  • Understand yourself as a leader - Without a personal understanding of your motivations and goals, it can be difficult to bring people on the journey with you. Allocate this time to reflect and set a clear direction, and you’ll be able to lead with authenticity.
  • Build your team’s capabilities - As an EL1-EL2 leader, simply managing your team is not enough. You’ll learn how to create an environment that enables your team to thrive through strength-based leadership, performance development and effective communication.
  • Become an enterprise leader and lead change across your agency - Change does not come easy, especially when there are multiple stakeholders involved. You’ll learn how to drive organisational-wide change and enlist others to champion your changes across departments.
  • Learn how to lead the APS workforce of the future - The workforce is changing, becoming more diverse and different generations want different things from their career. You’ll learn how to lead a diverse and inclusive organisation, and understand how the changing workforce will impact your future leadership career.

This masterclass is not like others on the market. It is the only event created just for EL1-EL2 women, combining not only general leadership issues, but also addressing the challenge of being a woman in the workplace.

If you are a female leader who wants to navigate the complexities of leadership and prepare yourself for more senior and complex roles then this event is not to be missed.

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