Values at Stake in Regulatory Practice: Managing Discretion & Governing Choices with Professor Malcolm K Sparrow


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Event date: 31st March 2021, 9.30am - 1.00pm AEDT

Event description

This seminar will discuss several different types of discretion involved in regulatory decision-making and explore the set of values that we trust to govern such decision-making in order to protect against bias, corruption, and improper influence.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding different forms of discretion involved in regulatory practice, and the range of values relevant to each type of discretion
  • What society fears if regulatory conduct is not properly constrained, and the ways in which those dangers are generally mitigated.  The role of “positive values” in controlling deviance and shaping regulatory behaviour
  • Understanding multiple sources of obligations that act on regulatory professionals. These include (but are not limited to):
    • Commitments to “Natural Justice” (the right to advance notice, fair hearings, no bias, etc.)
    • Responsibilities that arise as stewards of significant public resources
    • The general calling of being a public servant
    • Professional ethics
    • Conscience, personal convictions, and loyalties  
  • What difference it makes to the values at stake and forms of discretion being exercised when regulators turn their attention to “risk-based” strategies
  • How regulators should best respond to de-regulatory pressures that they often suspect are politically motivated, unbalanced in favour of industry, and potentially corrosive of public protections.  How to engage constructively without sacrificing one’s sense of personal integrity or commitment to the regulatory mission

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