Protests across the nation have called on the Government to stop Adani’s Carmichael mine going ahead.

Medicare will soon cover treatment for tens of thousands of Australians with severe eating disorders.

The competition regulator has issued a report on Google, Facebook and Australian news and advertising.

Australia’s first two Lockheed Martin F-35As are landing at their new home on Monday.

Labor has failed to oppose the Morrison government’s encryption bill.

A new survey has found senior public servants believe the APS is unprepared for tech advances.

CSIRO says its new satellite will help lift the veil on our extreme environment.

New evidence shows extreme mental health suffering on Nauru due to ...

The business sector wants the Federal Government to abandon its “big stick” approach to energy legislation.

The Federal Government has announced changes to its controversial school chaplains program.

Adani faces a new legal challenge over its plan to pump billions of litres of water ...

Labor appears to be resisting the Government’s call to back its decryption bill.

Australia’s main grids are on track to get three-quarters of their electricity from renewables by 2030.

The Federal Government is moving forward on its anti-slavery bill.

Students across the country have gone on strike and held protests over the lack of political action to address climate change.

The Federal Government is keeping an important Centrelink report under wraps.

Parliament will sit for just 13 days before the federal budget in April ...

Two Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) subsidiaries have been fined over $21 million for offering bribes to foreign officials.

A review has found climate change lawsuits against governments have had more success than those against fossil fuel companies.

The Federal Government says it is working on its own anti-corruption watchdog.

A secret report has revealed huge problems faced by Australian forces in their invasion of Iraq.

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