A new report says public servants' wage rises will fail to keep pace with growing inflation.

A new report says perceived corruption in Australia’s public service may have wiped $72 billion from the national economy.

Official figures suggest only a quarter of NBN fibre-to-the-node connections can reach the claimed top speed.

The Federal Government has launched formal action against Canada over wine imports.

Universities Australia says around 10,000 university places will go unfunded this year due to budget cuts.

A submariner turned senator has warned of significant cost blowouts in Australia's Future Submarine.

The federal government has been petitioned by both the public and private sectors to improve access to each other’s data.

A new study suggests home ownership would increase and most households would be better off if negative gearing was scrapped.

The CPSU says the Federal Government is trying to save money by dragging out pay negotiations.

A survey of the federal public sector has found 5 per cent have seen some kind of misconduct.

The energy minister says Snowy 2.0 upgrades will be expensive but necessary.

The AMA wants a sugar tax to push people away from highly-sweetened drinks.

The Federal Government has launched an online register of childcare centres that “rort the system”.

A federal work-for-the-dole scheme has issued over 350,000 fines to its participants in just two years.

Even without the Queensland's rejection, Adani's $1 billion NAIF loan is unlikely to be approved.

The launch of the new Home Affairs agency has been far from a fresh start ...

The Productivity Commission says decentralisation is not a fix for struggling regional economies.

The Federal Government has defended the hundreds of millions it has spent on management consultants.

Unions have issued a warning about the new version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Experts have attacked Tony Abbott’s latest comments on carbon credits.

The Federal Government has announced a funding freeze for universities aimed at saving over $2 billion.

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