The Federal Government has announced it has granted approval for the Anketell Point Iron Ore Processing and Export Project in Western Australia, subject to 45 strict conditions.

Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, said that with the conditions in place, he is satisfied the delivery of the project will not result in any unacceptable environmental impacts.

"My decision comes after a rigorous environmental assessment, and the key measures imposed to mitigate against environmental impacts include six management plans, an ecosystem monitoring program and an environment protection code of conduct for employees during construction of the port," Mr Burke said.

"Of particular importance is a dredge environmental management plan, which will put in place a dredge monitoring program with water quality triggers and appropriate corrective actions.

An additional five management plans will provide a comprehensive response to the full range of potential environmental risks and include:

  • a marine fauna management plan
  • an environmental protection plan
  • a migratory birds offsets management plan
  • a blasting management plan (if required)
  • a decommissioning management plan.

"Under the ecosystem monitoring program, API Management Pty Ltd must research and monitor the Anketell Point region's marine environment and develop measures to monitor and manage or improve the regional marine environment," Mr Burke said.

The project will see API construct a 15 kilometre shipping channel, a three kilometre approach jetty causeway, a 1.1 kilometre jetty and associated shore based infrastructure - including stockyards, a desalination plant, conveyors, accommodation camps, power plant and road and rail links.

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