The APS Academy has introduced the new Commonwealth Corruption Control Framework.

Taking effect from 1 July 2024, the initiative aimed at federal public servants is part of an effort to fortify the public sector against corruption and fraud.

The Attorney-General’s Department has announced plans to conduct a series of informative webinars and training sessions prior to the framework's implementation. 

The objective is to bolster whole-of-government capabilities in counter fraud and anti-corruption, ensuring entities are well-equipped to embrace the upcoming changes.

Shelley Hudolin, of the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre,says the framework seeks to establish “a modern and coherent system of accountability for protecting public resources from fraud and corruption”. 

The framework brings a broadened scope, encompassing both corruption and fraud, mandating that Commonwealth entities adopt proactive measures for their prevention, detection, and resolution.

The framework introduces comprehensive elements designed to mitigate integrity risks in public institutions, encompassing governance, risk assessments, control plans, and frameworks for prevention and detection. 

Hudolin highlighted the policy’s adaptability, tailored to meet the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Rule section 10 standard in a manner that is both targeted and proportionate.

Flexibility is a major part of the policy, allowing entities to tailor fraud and corruption management strategies to their specific risks and operational scales. 

This includes conducting targeted risk assessments for high-risk activities and implementing dynamic fraud and corruption control plans.

Hudolin emphasised the importance of entities periodically reviewing and adjusting their control plans and mechanisms to align with identified risks, ensuring a cost-effective and impactful approach to fraud and corruption control.

The Attorney-General’s Department says it is prepared to support the transition with a range of guidance materials and training opportunities, aimed at enhancing counter fraud and anti-corruption capabilities across the government.

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