The Federal Government has announced it will provide a further $200 million for the extension of a plan that provides landholders and farmers with funding to stop the flow of chemicals into the Great Barrier Reef.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that the funding would help build the highly successful plan, which has so far stopped over 92,000 tonnes of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment from leaching into the Great Barrier Reef since its inception in 2008.

Ms Gillard said that the $200 million in funding will be provided over a five year period until 2018.

“Reef Rescue helps farmer’s lift on-farm productivity. It also plays a crucial role protecting the Great Barrier Reef, with run-off from farms causing coral bleaching and algae growth and smothering seagrass and coral reefs,” Ms Gillard said.

“Reef Rescue is also a highly successful partnership between Government, farmers, indigenous owners and other land managers along the Queensland coast. Reducing their chemical and fertilizer use is good for farmers as well as being good for the reef.”

Since 2008, over 3,200 land owners from Cape York to Bundaberg have been actively involved in the program.

More information on the program can be found here