A new website billed as a ‘digital textbook’ has been created to help change the way young students see science– encouraging them to study and get excited about a traditionally stuffy subject.

The Federal Government has announced the introduction of a new student visa, which it says has been streamlined to boost education numbers.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has been engaged in a light scuffle on his way into Victoria’s Parliament House.

Members of the Australian media have been barred from attending a public briefing on international trade negotiations, with The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade saying journalists were not welcome.

Amended maps have been released showing the state of construction work for the National Broadband Network, upsetting many who thought their homes would be next in line.

A gathering of hundreds of cattle graziers has highlighted the continuing fallout from a governmental snap decision in 2011.

The Commonwealth will reimburse many councils and ratepayers whose funds were wasted in a fruitless push for recognition.

Nationwide productivity has increased, but the public sector cannot match the private sector’s confidence, a new report says.

There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

A public servant who was sacked for airing opinions criticising her department has changed strategy in her fight for justice.

Marriage equality laws have been introduced to the New South Wales Parliament, as the ACT fights to protect the same newly-enshrined right.

There has been widespread criticism of a proposal to move Centrelink’s front desk duties to Australia Post outlets, after the Treasurer confirmed it was an option.

The Climate Change Authority has called the Federal Government’s emissions reduction target inadequate, and not credible compared to other nations’.

The Federal Government has begun to finalise the terms of reference for its enquiry into deaths related to a government home insulation scheme, but already it has been called a political witch-hunt.

Industry analysts say 2016 will be a defining year, wherein a majority of IT spending will be made on cloud-related purchases.

The vice-chairman of General Electric says Australia needs a price on carbon, but has not come up with the right plan yet.

The people in charge of a new plan to deliver the next generation of Australia’s internet infrastructure have got some of the advice they need at a summit in Stockholm.

At least a quarter of a million people will get access to medicines they otherwise could not afford, with new additions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

A large number of respondents to a recent survey say governments should take a more active role in controlling food labels to improve public health, education and benefit the environment.

A recent university report has been used to highlight the dangers of understaffed emergency rooms and facilities, with figures showing a 15 per cent higher hospital death rate on weekends.

It seems phone providers have stepped-up their game, or customers have relaxed a bit, with figures showing the number of phone industry complaints dropping by around a quarter in some states.

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