State governments will be eligible for massive incentives to sell-off their assets, under a new scheme announced by Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey this week.

A leaked internal report by NBN Co says the Liberal government’s plan will make less money and cost more, reports say.

At the end of a tumultuous week for Australia’s education system it is clear that the ‘Gonski’ funding model is gone, but unclear as to what will replace it.

A key government authority has said for the first time that the resources boom is winding down, at the same time as a new study says most Australians did not benefit from it.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA) has placed itself in voluntary administration, after its funding was removed in a Federal Government attempt to save $1.5 million.

The referendum to recognise local government remains in a coma, but councils which paid into the Australian Local Government Association's (ALGA) bid for the vote will now be paid back.

Australia’s foreign minister has felt the wrath of the waking dragon, upsetting the Chinese government with her claims over their air-space.

The verdict is down to state governments to decide whether more GST should be collected from online purchases, and minds should be made up by March.

The National Mental Health Commission says inadequate support is condemning mentally ill Australians to prison, because they cannot be cared for in the community.

A special taskforce has been formed to root out corruption in one of the most vital government services.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has defended its own existence, as the Federal Government continues its plan to shut-down the renewable-energy investor.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has proposed a re-assessment of certain visa rules, in an effort to help the very youngest members of the workforce.

The national secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union says the Federal Government plans to close the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, showing contempt for the hundreds of families affected by transport industry road deaths, and callous disregard for the many pressures that drivers face.

The Education Minister has announced a boost aimed to increase the number of postgraduate nurses, part of a $62 million investment pushing more people into degrees.

Legislation has been put before the House of Representatives which is intended to make it easier for business to work within the paid parental leave scheme.

According to recent polls, the Federal Government’s plan to replace the carbon tax with a direct action policy has been as well-received as having no policy at all.

The Reserve Bank’s verbal assault on the Australian dollar continues, with RBA governor Glenn Stevens last night indicating the bank might be forced to intercede to drive the dollar down.

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service says it will be difficult to “stop the boats” when it has to cut 600 staff members in coming years.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is drawing to a close, with some late agreements from the summit that started in a storm of allegations and outcry.

Councils are considering a native title claim which would see stewardship transferred for a large portion of Australia’s east coast.

A study commissioned by the Australian Local Government Association says local councils around the country are underfunding the maintenance of their roads.

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