Accusations of economic untruth are being flung from all sides of the political arena today, with Federal Budgetary Office and federal Treasury policy costings called into question.

A representative body for the fast-growing outer suburbs of metropolitan areas say a federal strategy should be developed for managing urban population growth.

A Senate Committee has made some recommendations after taking a look at the safest and cleanest ways to use a wood-fired heater in the home.

A new report has shown it takes years for small communities to recover from disasters like floods or cyclone, with damages extending beyond the physical.

Australian authorities say a new report shows a large proportion of negative health conditions are caused by substance abuse and poor mental states.

A new national centre is being established to allow a deeper level of research into the disparity in health and healthcare for Indigenous Australians.

In the lead-up to next weekend’s election both major parties have made broad promises pertaining to the northern end of the country, but the people who actually live there have questioned the feasibility, viability, equity, and validity of the pledges.

A proposal has been made to move the start date for the Heavy Vehicle National Law after failures in the new IT systems.

With the upcoming election just over a week away all parties are pulling their biggest promissory punches, Kevin Rudd’s latest pledge is for the much-speculated high-speed rail network on the country’s east coast.

New research by the Australian Energy Market Operator has shown converting to entirely renewable power could end up costing the same as continuing to use fossil fuels.

A new study has shown that blocking access to torrent sites has little to no effect on users, with new avenues for piracy popping up faster than they can be closed.

Figures have been released by the Australian Electoral Commission, now the enrolment window for the federal election has closed, revealing around twenty-five per cent of eligible young people did not sign on.

Australian authorities have apologised over a breach of dignity for the Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

One of Australia’s youngest political parties has lost an important component, with the party’s second-placed member on the ticket quitting Wikileaks.

Australia’s competition regulator has withheld its decision on whether to accept the long-term pricing plan put forward by NBN Co.

A commissioner for Australian trade in West Africa says it is time to strengthen the already healthy economic ties with Ghana.

Singapore says it could do with some Australian assistance in the healthcare, infrastructure and education sectors, with plenty of opportunities to benefit.

A state government is set to change the way tenders are awarded in an effort to reduce the rising unemployment rate.

A major car-maker has blamed proposed changes to the Fringe Benefits Tax for a drop in orders over the last fortnight.

There is controversy unfolding over gas projects in the west, with a ruling that the approval of a massive offshore Kimberly gas hub was unlawful due to conflicting interests.

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) has extended the successful Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme (NAHRLS), allowing rurally-placed nurses two weeks annual leave without diminishing local services. 

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