The Federal Government has provided an excellent opportunity for companies to appear as though they are doing something about their carbon emissions.

With consumer confidence in financial advice in a pretty rough state, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) says its new Office of the Whistleblower will allow insiders to fight back.

Cuts to the office in charge of developing northern Australia mean remote communities will continue missing out, some say.

A new review panel will look at the ways that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates medicines and medical devices.

The parliamentary secretary to the Treasurer has warned federal public servants that under-performing agencies could be cut.

Clive Palmer may be the saviour of disgruntled academics, as a rift between university management and staff comes to light.

New Zealand scientists have developed a portable, rapid, DNA testing device for Ebola.

The Federal Government has put up $1 billion to help asbestos-affected families in the ACT.

Companies from all parts of the cattle export supply chain will be involved in a class action against the Commonwealth.

A former Palmer United Party candidate has the party for alleged attempts to gain political leverage for the party leader’s mining interests.

Defence Minister David Johnston has sent a strong signal that Australia’s next fleet of submarines will not be Australian.

The Federal Government has launched its latest discussion on the future of the Renewable Energy Target.

An Australian expert has poked holes in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), following further negotiations over the weekend.

There is concern over big gaps in government reports on how often Australians' private internet and phone records have been accessed by law-enforcement, and one city council is becoming the poster child.

Hobart has the only capital city airport in Australia without any permanent AFP officers, after they were pulled out this week.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has denied trying to sweep extra roles into his portfolio as he sets up the Australian Border Force.

The student who leaked details of the Prime Minister’s daughter’s “secret” scholarship faces up to two years jail.

A new study says skilled migrants are enjoying better jobs and higher levels of employment thanks to a shift in policy.

Australia’s chief of corporate regulation says Australia is too soft on corporate criminals and under-resourced to deal with rampant white collar crime.

Governments representing about 40 per cent of the global economy are negotiating against the interests of freedom, universal health and human rights – and the private talks on peoples’ future will soon continue in Australia.

Calls are coming from home and abroad while the Australian Government continues to hold back from full commitment to fighting the Ebola outbreak.

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