Federal motoring body NRMA has called on the Coalition Government to address a mound of backlogged road projects in NSW.

The end of the financial year this week has seen the closure of a number of Co-operative Research Centres, bringing an end to important projects such as the Future Farm Industry CRC in WA.

There has been some concern over the speed with which the Federal Government is changing disability support, with some advocates saying it is storming ahead with almost no consultation.

A parliamentary inquiry has prompted loud calls for a royal commission into banks and financial planning, but the Finance Minister says it is being covered already.

A prominent Christian education figure has spoken against the school chaplaincy program, saying obesity and psychological wellness are more important issues for the money.

A bit of high-end musical chairs for federal public servants, with moves at the top of the Finance, Treasury and Health departments.

The Federal Government has introduced legislation making it easier to send asylum seekers back to their home countries, while increasing the requirements for them to prove their claims.

Some post office operators say Australia Post is not paying them enough, as their business costs continue to escalate.

Staff rallies will continue as CSIRO fights to preserve its ranks.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has warned of some nasty intentions in new employment agreement talks with the Federal Government.

An extra nine minutes of work per day could be the final straw for embattled staff at the Australian Tax Office.

A United Nations hearing took just minutes to reject the Australian Federal Government’s attempt to delist 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian forest for logging.

Three-hundred-and-thirty-seven people have died as the ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to worsen.

Documents to clear conflict of interest claims against a junk food lobbyist in the Health Department “do not exist”.

The Assistant Minister for Infrastructure says South Australia should get involved in the Federal Government’s infrastructure-linked hand-outs from the $5 billion Asset Recycling Initiative.

The Federal Government will bring a bill to parliament in coming weeks which seeks to give ASIO more abilities to monitor and control digital communication.

A report compiled months ago by the two figures behind Federal Government education reforms shows little need for change.

A confidential Trade in Services Agreement document has been published by WikiLeaks, showing that Australia, the United States, the European Union and 20 other large and small countries have been discussing unprecedented mutual access to each other’s financial service sectors.

A new report says the Australian Public Service must promote innovation and creative minds within its ranks.

There are accusations of extreme political pandering being thrown at the Federal Government, after it was revealed that it has so far funded projects in LNP electorates at a rate about three times higher than others.

A conference this week has brought together many of the people who bring real government to peoples’ everyday lives.

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