The high cost of child care is keeping tens of thousands of Australian parents from working, even though they want to.

An unprecedented probe into the Queensland Government has been launched, and there is very little that it will not investigate about the current LNP regime.

Australia has dropped a few spots on a list of the worst-polluting countries in the world.

A parliamentary review overseen by an LNP member has found that a budget measure forcing young jobseekers to wait months for benefits could put them at serious risk.

The Federal Government is rumoured to be preparing an assault on the public service's “compo culture”.

A big campaign has been launched this week to push for an Australian domestic gas reservation policy.

Many of the big Australian health groups want the Federal Government to do more about the Ebola outbreak in Africa, but the Foreign Minister says the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not asked.

The Federal Government is softening the ground ahead of the Medibank Private sale.

 Public servants say tough conditions are leading to mistakes in the official Parliamentary record.

The Federal Government has pledged $100 million to boost basic services in remote Aboriginal communities.

Experts have analysed just how much freedom Australian citizens have given up to fight the abstract enemy of terrorism.

Federal Government health spending has dropped to a record low, according to new figures.

Three Queensland researchers have had their work on cutting corruption featured in one of the most authoritative publications in the world.

Australia could get to zero net emissions by 2050, without compromising prosperity or economic opportunities, data suggests.

Farmers, industry groups and the Federal Government are all calling for reform of coastal shipping regulations, but the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) says it won’t happen without a fight.

An awards night has capped the leading forces in workplace health and safety, rehabilitation and return to work services.

More than forty companies that support the building, mining and energy industries say Federal Government moves could put thousands of jobs at risk.

Australia will seek to claw back billions of dollars that big mining, building and technology companies funnel out of the country to avoid tax.

Research from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has shown that carbon pricing and climate action are not just for greenies – they can have real economic benefits as well.

The weekend saw the African nation of Sierra Leone in lockdown as a measure to stop the worst Ebola outbreak in history.

A group of 63 Australian economists have released a joint statement rejecting the Federal Government’s repeated insistence that the country is facing a “budget emergency”.

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