An Australian expert has raised some ideas for the Federal Government, which may stop billions of dollars in company profits leaving the country untaxed.

The people behind the AdviserRatings website say most of the political wrangling about financial advice reforms has gone totally over the heads of the general public.

There are some very interesting points made by authorities in submissions ahead of the Federal Government’s proposed metadata retention bill.

The new Public Service Commissioner has denied claims that he is a “stalwart of the radical right”.

The Fair Work Commission has buried a Federal Government plan to have public sector employees work longer hours.

The Federal Labor Party says itThere are claims that the looming workplace review will create a class of US-style working poor. fears the looming workplace review will create a class of US-style working poor.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has signalled that he may negotiate with the Opposition on uni fee deregulation, and claims to have the backing of the man behind HECS.

Australia’s top national science agencies say looming climate change will hit the nation hard, and the chance to do anything about it is slipping away.

The shadow assistant treasurer has taken up the push to tax tech companies, and warned of some dangers in the new digital economy.

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) has again demanded access to metadata to track down insider traders and white-collar criminals.

The legal and academic communities have backed Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs, as she faces criticism from the Australian Government.

The Defence Department is cracking down on extremism within its ranks.

An office set up to help trim the public service looks like it will keep swelling this year.

The Federal Government has put reforms on the agenda that already have unions on the defensive.

The Australian Government wants to back out of a scheme it previously supported, by removing protections on five local shark species.

News Corp reports say that Abbott Government may sacrifice up to $2 billion in budget savings - scrapping proposed cuts to gain support for university deregulation.

A GP-turned-Coalition-backbencher has slammed the Federal Government’s attempts at Medicare reform, and laid down a few ideas of his own.

Experts may soon treat ‘radicalisation’ as a mental health issue, rather than trying to combat it with jail time and restrictive laws.

A new study may shed some light on why when politicians talk – those listening often tune out.

Public Service Minister Eric Abetz has written a letter to the media in response to claims that public servants are being ripped-off in recent pay negotiations.

Legal experts have reminded public sector unions and their members just what they can do to protest work conditions through industrial action.

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