A new review says closing the gap for Indigenous eye health is very much a possibility.

The ACCC is again taking legal action against a VET provider, saying it shows clear holes in the VET FEE-HELP system.

The Federal Government is moving ahead with the sale of the secure communications network that lets departments communicate confidentially.

While Malcolm Turnbull was praised for elevating more women to the frontbench when he took the prime ministership, gender inequality is still rife in the high levels of the public service.

In the lead up to UN climate talks in Paris, a new report warns that Australia will barely come close to achieving any “real” emissions reductions under its current Direct Action climate policy.

Australia has successfully landed a C-17A Globemaster on Antarctica – making it the largest cargo vessel ever to touch down on the frozen continent.

The Senate has passed a bill that would remove all children from onshore immigration detention.

Two former Treasury bosses say cuts and constant changes have left the abilities of the public service dangerously degraded.

The Senate is expected to vote down a proposition to deregulate the coastal shipping industry.

The OECD nations have decided to limit coal plant financing.

A serious security flaw in Federal Government financial systems has left Australians' private tax records unsecured.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has dismissed the detailed analysis of the $15 billion NBN cost blowout by former CEO Mike Quigley, but has not provided any evidence to show why Quigley was incorrect.

Government finance departments say extensive and superfluous reporting frameworks have pushed them to look for new ways to reduce their “disclosure burden”.

Over $600 million has been dropped on Australia’s world-leading researchers in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants.

Hundreds of people took part in a union march in Adelaide late last week to demand that the Federal Government build submarines in South Australia.

Refugee and asylum seeker children have skirted the rules of their detention and set up a Facebook page to speak out about their treatment.

A major maritime union wants to Federal Government to stop aluminium producer Alcoa from using a foreign-crewed ship to move cargo from refineries in Western Australia to its smelter in Victoria.

The Federal Government has released its shortlist of six sites that could one day store "low-to-intermediate" nuclear waste.

Unemployment in Australia has taken a somewhat surprising dive in new figures released this week.

The Climate Institute has slammed the adequacy of Australia’s carbon emission reduction measures, saying they would not meet the smallest target set at the upcoming Paris climate talks.

Australia’s attempt to join the United Nations Human Rights Council has prompted over 100 responses from member nations, some of which unleashed on its rough treatment of refugees.

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