The Federal Government has put its cards on the table in regard to tax reform, and is moving slowly following the release of a very broad discussion paper.

The Transport Workers' Union is fighting against the Federal Government’s moves to abandon the road safety watchdog.

The latest leaks of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership show the Australian Government making some attempt to avoid its big pitfalls.

Clean energy lobbies have written on behalf of the industry to the Federal Government, hoping to clear an impasse in renewable energy target (RET) talks.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for global support on Beijing's ideas for a new development bank, and Australia may take him up.

More Government-funded research into the health effects of wind farms will be undertaken.

ASIC say it needs access to private telecommunications to function properly.

A Federal Parliamentary committee has slammed the Federal Government's Asset Recycling program.

The Senate will vote on the Government’s metadata retention bill today, and it appears almost certain to pass with the blessing of the party technically considered the Opposition.

The Federal Employment Minister will be faced with worker troubles on his own doorstop, with industrial action given a green light.

Deep funding cuts to the Indigenous Advancement Strategy have led one NT mayor to tell federal politicians they “better start listening real fast”.

Conservation groups say there are some good points to the new Great Barrier Reef plan, but it ignores the greatest risk of all.

New laws will remove the responsibility to report food-related deaths and disease outbreaks for some parties.

Legal experts say neither the Federal Government nor the Opposition have given a proper justification for new data retention laws.

The Federal Government is in fresh talks about the renewable energy target today, with just a week left before a deadline that forces emissions-intensive producers to pay fines.

Australia now has a children's e-safety commissioner.

The Federal Government's controversial data retention bill is expected to pass parliament's lower house today, amid uproar from the media and public.

The jobs of up to 1,500 public servants in the Defence Department are on the chopping block.

Last Thursday was national Close The Gap day, and while events were on around the country to address Indigenous inequality, the Prime Minister’s top Indigenous advisor had some harsh words for his boss.

Councils will struggle to cope with the Federal Government freeze on indexation of local government grants.

An Australian expert has questioned the Coalition's much-lauded boat turn-back policy, saying it creates new dangers and spreads problems to our international neighbours.

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