The Prime Minister has been accused of mistruth about dole payments.

More details have emerged about Angus Taylor’s grasslands saga.

Airservices Australia’s former managers have lost hope of a class action to claw back millions in extra pay.

Pacific nations do not want Australia to use carry-over credits to meet climate change commitments.

China is being hampered in its push to control the summit of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Thirty-five per cent of Australia’s electricity needs will be met by clean sources within two years, analysts say.

Gambling giant Crown has been criticised for alleged links to Chinese crime syndicates.

The HILDA survey suggests conditions are not improving for most Australians.

Federal funding has been provided to support 13 new dementia research projects.

Centrelink will do more data-matching to find suspected welfare fraud.

Experts say Australian miners have shifted about $1.1 billion in profit out of Africa in just one year.

A new consumer data regime could be passed this week.

Angus Taylor delayed releasing figures showing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions were rising.

The Federal Energy Minister could face a formal inquiry into alleged backroom meetings.

IBM has been appointed systems integrator for a massive Defence project.

A new survey finds 80 per cent of Newstart recipients have to skip meals.

The United States military is preparing a $300 million push to expand naval facilities in northern Australia.

The ACCC has proposed more scrutiny of tech giants Facebook and Google.

Reserve Bank governor Dr Philip Lowe has reiterated the value of targeting consumer price rises.

New independent MP Zali Steggall is calling for a nationwide climate emergency declaration – a push already undertaken by dozens of local governments.

Councils are petitioning the government to help fund a future-fit transport network.

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