Australia’s military and defence spending is reaching an eye-watering level.

New renewable sources should help shore up reliability this summer.

Economists have been surveyed about the appropriate level of welfare in Australia.

The UK is setting up a new watchdog for Google, Facebook and other tech giants.

New data shows a decline in employer action on gender equality prior to the impact of COVID-19.

Outgoing finance minister Mathias Cormann is flying around Europe on a private RAAF jet to bid for a new job at the OECD.

Experts say it is more important than ever to learn from ancient Australian cultures.

Federal public servants are being urged to return to the office.

The Prime Minister wants Australia’s public service to “keep up the dialogue” with Chinese counterparts.

Research shows JobKeeper, JobSeeker and Coronavirus Supplement saved 500,000 families from financial distress.

The Narrabri Gas Project has received federal approval, despite concerns for water resources.

The Federal Government has put up new funds to help ease the decline in koala numbers.

ANSTO has appointed one of the world’s leading plasma accelerator experts as its Leader of the Centre for Accelerator Science.

Australian Defence Force personnel and veterans are calling for support after a landmark inquiry into allegations of war crimes.

AEMO has appointed a new interim CEO.

An audit has warned that not all the lessons of the 2016 Census failure have been learned.

Scott Morrison has suggested he may not use Kyoto ‘carry-over’ credits to help meet Paris agreement targets.

The perceived healthiness of orange juice is on trial.

Police have raided union offices across Sydney, but the unions say they are missing some big issues.

A war crimes inquiry has found evidence of 39 alleged murders by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

The number of political public service appointments is creeping up, according to one insider.

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