New changes will require welfare recipients to report income as it appears on a payslip rather than estimating a figure.

The Federal Government has rejected a call to axe a special tax concession for people living in remote parts of Australia.

The latest in the ongoing ‘sports rorts’ saga involves a $50,000 grant for a building that had already been built.

A new study finds the cashless debit card scheme and other compulsory welfare income management does more harm than good.

The Federal Government will spend millions buying water from a company it has been criticised for buying from before.

The Education Minister says he wants to end university ‘cancel culture’.

Labor wants Australia's intelligence and security agencies to be more closely monitored.

The Morrison Government says it has saved $3 billion in a crackdown on dodgy childcare providers.

A royal commission in Sydney has heard people with disabilities are seen as broken and in need of fixing by the medical profession.

Principles formed deep in Australia’s colonial history have been revived in the push for a federal corruption court.

Australia will soon start allowing year 11 and 12 students to enter from China, except from the Hubei province at the centre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

New claims have emerged in what could be the Morrison Government’s biggest rort yet.

With environmental risks on the rise, experts are calling for a new air pollution monitoring body.

The Federal Government says its latest efforts to stop welfare overpayment will cost about $30 million.

The new Australian Space Agency launched this week.

The ACT Government says proposed religious freedom laws would seriously threaten human rights protections.

More major retailers have been slammed for underpaying their staff.

A report has found community confidence in the AFP has suffered in the wake of media raids and leaked information.

The Federal Government has funded a giant plastic-shredder to help clean up polluted oceans.

The Prime Minister may adopt a technology investment target to avoid zero greenhouse gas targets.

The Federal Court has dismissed a case about the validity of police warrants used to raid media outlets.

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