The Federal Government says some survivors of child sexual abuse have died waiting for redress scheme payments.

The Federal Government has been accused of bribing schools to reopen by June.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor is being criticised for obfuscation and opacity on a number of important matters.

A confidential Defence Department report last year predicted many of the shortages and behaviours of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regional Express has secured funding to double flights to regional and remote areas.

The leaders of Australia’s COVID-19 sewage surveillance scheme have given more details on their plan.

The competition watchdog has allowed mining companies to work together in ways that they previously could not.

The NSW Homicide Squad is investigating 21 deaths connected to the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

The Federal Government has launched its COVIDSafe tracking app, but has not provided the source code as promised.

The auditor general has been asked to investigate a Morrison government scheme to underwrite gas, hydro and coal power.

A new report finds science denial is one of the greatest risks to humanity.

The Federal Government has come up with a plan to boost domestic fuel reserves by buying and storing fuel overseas.

Malcolm Turnbull's publishers have reached a settlement after a PMO worker shared pirated copies of his memoir.

The Murray-Darling's ‘top cop’ says protests over water access last year were directed at the wrong government.

Experts have taken a deep dive into the scientific and social impacts of droughts; past, present and future.

The Federal Government has put up $5 million for researchers to study the health impacts of bushfires.

A PFAS class action involving more than 40,000 Australians has been launched against the Department of Defence.

The AFP has admitted its interest in the facial recognition tool Clearview AI.

A new report shows Australia’s gas industry emissions intensity is increasing.

The Federal Government wants a mandatory code of conduct for deals between tech giants and news media companies.

The Federal Government is attempting to calm privacy fears over its new contact tracing app.

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