The AIS has launched new measures to monitor the wellbeing of Australian athletes, coaches and officials.

The National Archives of Australia has been granted $67.7 million in urgent federal funding.

Politicians have proposed penalties for a lack of improvement in public sector workplace culture.

Analysts have unveiled a new index to identify population growth hotspots.

The latest government intergenerational report predicts smaller population growth.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is backing some of the most energy-efficient houses ever built in Australia.

The US has released a report on Pentagon-documented UFOs, while Australia says it is not looking for aliens.

The communications minister has been accused of being unusually involved with Australia Post.

ASX CEO Dominic Stevens says the exchange is working on the world's richest blockchain.

Dozens of eminent Australians have called on the Prime Minister to create a national anti-corruption body “with teeth”.

A lifeline has been extended for the community TV stations Channel 31 and Channel 44.

Australia's top diplomat says China must grapple with its own “insecurity”.

UN officials say the Great Barrier Reef should be placed on a list of world heritage sites “in danger”.

The LNP has been divided by a vote on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

A whistleblower has been spared jail time after revealing Australia bugged a foreign government to benefit Woodside.

A Coalition-controlled committee says proposed changes to ARENA may be illegal.

The medical regulator is investigating claims made by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne is reviewing over 6,000 deals between universities and foreign powers.

The Federal Government has rushed to silence an attempt to investigate Chirstian Porter's worthiness as a minister.

The Prime Minister has attempted to pressure France on its multi-billion-dollar submarine deal deadline.

A new strategy seeks to both protect and profit from areas within 50km of the ocean.

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