The national competition regulator is taking on a number of new roles.

The Robodebt Royal Commission has begun.

The Federal Government has pledged to create jobs and spur investment in new energy industries.

Taxpayer funds are helping developer ACEN to build an 8 GW renewables portfolio.

An international task force has found COVID-19’s origins were “most likely zoonotic”, but the world has largely failed to deal with the cause.

Medibank has revealed hackers had access to the data of at least 4 million customers.

The FBI has joined Australia’s efforts to tackle the Optus data breach.

The Prime Minister says he will consider electricity market intervention, with prices predicted to soar.

The federal government has been criticised over a “private school cash splash” announced this week.

The federal public service minister has put the sector on warning about capability reviews.

The Albanese government has put forth a new workplace relations bill covering work flexibility and the gender pay gap.

This week’s federal budget carries over previous funding to seal one of Australia's most iconic stretches of desert road.

This week’s federal budget reveals dramatically different priorities on water projects to the previous government.

This week’s federal budget brings new money and planned reforms for the Australian environment.

The latest federal budget includes some conservative increases in research funding.

The Australian military is struggling to meet ambitious recruitment and retention targets.

Concern has been raised about changes to plans for a national corruption court.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) says it is starting a journey towards energy equity.

The Federal Government says Australia will sign up to a global pledge to reduce methane emissions.

The Federal Government says it will greatly increase fines for serious data breaches.

This week’s federal budget includes nearly $2 billion for new Defence communications tech.

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