The Albanese Government has announced plans to revamp the Royal Australian Navy's capabilities amidst a nearly $20 billion cost overrun in the future frigate project.

Italy is developing the first military ‘space cloud’ in Europe.

The establishment of China’s fifth research station in Antarctica has sparked concerns about Australia's preparedness.

Services Australia has come under fire following allegations that employees have toilet breaks timed.

The head of the CFMEU has spoken about the union’s plan to influence politics.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has stood by its decision to conduct an undercover operation against a 13-year-old boy.

The Australian government is progressing its new Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

The Commonwealth has earmarked $205 million for the first round of water buybacks under the Albanese government.

Economists have laid out bold moves to reposition Australia in the global shift towards a low-carbon economy.

The Albanese government is preparing to assist embattled producers of clean tech materials.

The ACCC is fast-tracking the community complaints process for corporate price gouging.

Australia’s gender pay gap appears to be narrowing.

Australia plans to fast-track the enhancement of its naval fleet to counter China's military expansion, a new review suggests.

A new report calls for schools to overhaul teaching methods in favour of science-backed techniques.

The Financial Accountability Regime (FAR), a key outcome of the Hayne royal commission, is being pushed back.

Financial incentives have been proposed as a way to support whistleblowers.

The Federal Government is looking to criminalise the act of “doxxing”.

Residents of Paris have voted to triple the city’s parking charges for SUVs.

Australia's Defence Force is under strain from recruitment shortfalls and project delays.

The Albanese government is looking at compelling states and territories to disclose confidential road accident data.

A public sector leader says staff working from home are not “disconnected”.

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