Experts have detailed ways to ensure a sustainable future for the Murray-Darling Basin.

Australia is expanding water quality monitoring from space.

The Australian government has invested $1 billion in the US-based quantum computer startup, PsiQuantum.

Progress has been made on a National Firearms Register decades in the making.

Brisbane’s lord Mayor is outraged that the AFP is taking over a site that could be used to assist the homeless.

A government committee has called for a $17 per day increase in JobSeeker payments.

New research finds most national COVID-19 treatment guidelines recommend treatments that do not work.

The IEA wants to ensure global climate pledges are carried out.

The Resources Minister has excused herself from decision-making on the contentious Petroleum Export Permit 11 (PEP-11).

The Government wants public input on a plan to expand the eSafety Commissioner’s powers.

WA has urged the Commonwealth to apply its “use it or lose it” policy for energy companies holding undeveloped offshore gas field licences.

A spike in tertiary education loan costs has prompted more calls for reform.

The chair of Mental Health Australia has resigned citing profound disappointment with the Albanese government's ...

Political will could see Australia avoid learning lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A once leading figure in Australian regulation says a fancy slogan could hinder progress.

Reports reveal an environment of sexual harassment and discrimination within the ABF marine unit.

Top cops have asked big tech firms for more help.

The AHRC has called for an overhaul of Australia’s immigration detention system.

Councils say kerbside bin funding will stop waste being sent to landfill.

One of the world’s richest people is set to test Australia's online safety laws.

A sacked former public servant is speaking out about his time in top roles.

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