Three cancer drugs have been made dramatically cheaper after their inclusion in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Organ donors will now be able to access paid leave from work, with a two year Federal Government funded pilot program beginning today.

With Senator Stephen Conroy joining the raft of Ministers following Julia Gillard out of federal politics, Australia now has a new Communications Minister. Several others have been welcomed back into the fold after the March spill as well.

Australia will be represented by a new Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation, the new posting has been announced by Foreign Minister Bob Carr and former Minister for Trade and Competitiveness Craig Emerson.

With former Prime Minister Julia Gillard swiftly removed and Kevin Rudd now leading the Labor party, several Federal cabinet members have sworn to fall on their swords and follow Ms Gillard out of the political arena.

Australia’s new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may be keeping his enemies close, retaining Gary Gray as Resource Minister despite Mr Gray criticising his courage and strength.

Speculation abounds after a dramatic night in Federal politics. A leadership spill in the Labor party has ousted Julia Gillard and installed Kevin Rudd as party leader.

Telstra may have its monopoly fees for remote services interrupted, with the ACCC about to begin an inquiry into the company’s internet prices.

The Federal Government’s legislation to overhaul the nation’s education system has passed the Senate.

The standoff continues between State and Federal Governments on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

A referendum will take place on the same day as the Federal election to amend the Constitution, officially recognising local governments in Australia.

The Federal Minister for Regional Services, Local Communities and Territories, Catherine King has announced more funding is available for remote and isolated airstrips to get a facelift.

Western Australia’s Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls believes the cost of Tony Abbot’s proposed ‘food bowl’ plan will run into the billions.

The shortlist of top Australian wordsmiths has been released in the lead up to the 2013 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.

Who is to blame for the stress students feels over the annual NAPLAN tests?  The agency in charge is blaming principals and teachers, and they’re pointing fingers right back.

A “Glass Ceiling” is described as “the unseen, yet unbreakable barrier that keeps women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.”  But now the walls will be transparent, too, so Australians can witness how workplaces are integrating women into upper management.

The Australian Government has named the board of its new Manufacturing Industry Innovation Precinct ahead of the July start date of the venture, which is intended to advance the nation’s reputation for innovation, collaboration and competitiveness.

The new Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) begins on 1 July, and the Government is announcing extra support to help job seekers and Community Development Employment Projects providers make the transition.

The government launched a new website to make it easier for people to utilize important health services being provided by Medicare Locals in their local communities.

The University of Melbourne is announcing the launch of the new Melbourne School of Government (MSoG), which it hopes will provide the Asia Pacific’s next crop of political leaders.

If there’s one thing that the duelling wind rallies in Canberra proved, it’s that Aussies are behind wind power.  And that means new opportunities for wind entrepreneurs and the job seekers that love them.

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