Hobart has the only capital city airport in Australia without any permanent AFP officers, after they were pulled out this week.

Reports say 27 federal police officers will be moved to other duties away from the airport as a result of a $22 million budget cut in the May federal budget.

The Federal officers will go amid objections from local MPs and the police union, at a time when ASIO has raised the nation's terror alert to “high”.

Tasmanian Police Commissioner Darren Hine has written to the AFP commissioner, requesting the withdrawal be reversed in light of the heightened terror status.

Premier Will Hodgman made a direct appeal to the Prime Minister, but it appears both appeals have failed.

From today the airport will be patrolled by Tasmania Police, who have been quick to point out they are well prepared to take over from their federal counterparts.

Assistant Commissioner Donna Adams said some groups of officers had undergone training programs at the airport, while other officers had had some familiarisation training.

The AFP says five of its officers will remain in Hobart to cover federal criminal activity such as gun-running and child exploitation.