The Federal Government is bringing in big business lobbyists and gas industry figures to overhaul its Climate Change Authority (CCA).

Reports say the Federal Government has pressured experts who question its gas-fired recovery plan.

Experts say two weeks of winter are holding Australia back from a 100 per cent renewably-powered electricity grid.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has abandoned all targets for the nationwide rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

A ban on telehealth consultations for voluntary assisted dying (VAD) is leaving some rural residents out of options.

Australian nuclear experts are working on nanoparticles to treat brain cancer.

The Morrison Government has been accused of “tampering” with an NDIS review.

Amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act will see politicians included for the first time.

Australia Post's chair has rejected the former CEO’s claim that she was “unlawfully” stood down.

A global human rights report has taken specific aim at Australia’s Indigenous deaths in custody.

NBN Co is seeking feedback on its proposed $300 million Regional Co-investment Fund.

The Federal Government will host a national women's safety summit.

New research suggests many Australians do not think government institutions are serving the public interest.

Federal government figures have been found to have intervened in the selection of over a third of the projects in the $200m Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).

Victoria’s treasurer has called on the Federal Government to help drive down credit card interest rates.

Services Australia has been criticised for continuing to raise money through ‘robodebts’ after the scheme had been ruled unlawful.

The Prime Minister has announced plans for a $1 billion guided missile facility.

The Federal Government says the number of medical centres ­delivering the COVID-19 vaccine will double this week.

Australia’s Defence department is exploring the use of ethical AI systems.

Australian businesses lost over $14 million in ‘payment redirection scams’ last year.

The Federal Government has blamed the states for the slow rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

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