The ABS may re-examine how long it keeps Census names, addresses and other data.

The Federal Government has announced it will look at ISP-level site-blocking of ‘dangerous material’.

The ACCC says gas prices and margins remain too high despite easing market pressures.

AEMO has called for urgent investment in dispatchable power.

The Federal Government has paid a lobby to help small businesses navigate the energy market.

A new report finds the proportion of Indigenous Australians in prison has doubled in thirty years.

Top statistician David Kalisch has announced he is leaving the ABS.

Nadine Flood is stepping down as national secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union.

Australia's Defence Force wants to install technology in Antarctica, but the Antarctic Treaty explicitly bans military activity.

The United States will spend $305 million on military aircraft upgrades in the Northern Territory.

Experts have warned of a “catastrophic” downturn in Chinese students at Australian universities.

Lawyers fear Australia could be more open to hacks and leaks after a recent High Court ruling.

Australia is the world's third-largest fossil fuel exporter, behind Russia and Saudi Arabia, new stats show.

July has been declared the world’s hottest month since records began.

A central figure in Australian industrial relations wants unions and big businesses to stop shouting at each other.

Australia has been accused of prioritising its economy over the lives of its Pacific neighbours.

A skills shortage could put Australia’s infrastructure pipeline in danger.

The Australian Government has been accused of softening the language in a Pacific islands climate declaration.

NBN chief Stephen Rue denies the national network is a “cut-price lemon”.

ASIC says it will find out whether Australia’s biggest companies have properly disclosed their risk from climate change.

Australia is spending $3 billion on new weapons and body armour for special forces soldiers.

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I am Tim Hall; a red-blooded, beer-drinking, Commodore-driving Australian male who has no interest in watching sports – at least, not the sports played by humans.

This week marked an astounding leap forward, scientifically speaking - taking a picture of something that cannot be seen.

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Blockchain is the programming that gives Bitcoin its value, but it could be much more than that. Blockchain could change the world.

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