ABCC leaders received 14 per cent pay rises last year, while agency staff recevied just 1 per cent on average.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has arrived in the US with a giant trade delegation.

Australia has been ranked 13th least corrupt in the new global corruption index.

Chris Moraitis says big data and rapid technological change are challenges for the public service.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) wants staff to report colleagues who are taking long lunches or wasting time.

Experts have reflected on the blocked changes to the MDBP.

Scam ads have appeared on the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website.

Authorities have proposed allowing energy retailers to defer some of their emissions reductions under the NEG.

The Prime Minister has changed the code of ministerial standards to ban sexual relations between ministers and staff.

The NSW and SA education ministers have united to push for changes to NAPLAN.

ABF Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg is believed to have accrued $400,000 amid an investigation into his personal conduct.

A new federal agency will be set up in an electorate where the Nationals suffered a historic loss.

The cashless welfare card will stay in SA and WA for another year, but a wider expansion of the program has been blocked.

A historic anniversary has been used to push for targets to reduce the number of Indigenous children in care.

New research has found 9 out of 10 kids at a juvenile detention centre have at least one form of severe brain impairment.

The Greens’ motion to block MDBP changes has been carried 32–30.

Australian government websites have been covertly used to mine for cryptocurrencies.

Despite criticism and scandals, the Federal Government is celebrating the money it has saved with its welfare crackdown.

The Climate Council says Australia’s iconic natural wonders are at risk.

The Catholic sector says Australia’s elite private schools receive an extra $747 million each year ...

Recent failures have triggered a review of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).

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