Australia has come under fresh criticism for the treatment of its Indigenous population.

Shadow Minister for Human Services Linda Burney says the Turnbull government’s treatment of DHS staff is “disgusting”.

Unions claim ACCC chair Rod Sims has broken the public service code of conduct.

Scientists have flooded Canberra for this week’s Science Meets Parliament events.

Today is a day to reflect and take stock of the most valuable commodity on Earth.

The $2 billion expansion of the Snowy Mountains hydro scheme has been met with excitement and cynicism.

The BCA says serious budget repair is needed to avoid big cuts to social services and living standards.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has brought together a unified front against the Carmichael coal mine.

1. We are AnonPlus and this is our manifest.
2. Who wants to defend its freedom of information, freedom of the people and the emancipation of the latter from the oppression of the media and of those who govern us, who uses our platforms and our tool to implement its dirty purposes, is already part of AnonPlus.
Every person who has the goodwill to act is welcome.
3. AnonPlus has a space to share ideas open to all:
4. AnonPlus spreads ideas without censorship, creates spaces to spread directly through mass defacement, publish news that the media filtered and managed for the consumption of who controls, we do that to restore dignity to the function of the media: media should be free, without censorship and must limit itself to "show what's happening" and don't "say to us what's wrong and what's right"
AnonPlus puts offline sites that actively contribute to the control of the masses from the corrupt, that by manipulating information and opinions create false realities: this is censorship!
AnonPlus not act for personal or political causes, has no leaders, moves to the interests of the people and we will fight until the leadership and the powership will lead into the hand of people: unique owner of the free world

AnonPlus is ready to support the people's need. And people is supporting Anonplus: that's our alliance, that's our brotherhood, that's our pact.

5. The day that these problems will be achieved, AnonPlus will cease to exist.

No war - No religions - No politicals - No financial power - for a Better World



P.S. no data was stolen or deleted. Only home page was changed. We are not criminal we are AnonPlus


The Australian Bureau of Statistics is sacking over 150 staff to balance its shrinking budget.

Centrelink, Medicare and child support workers will take fresh strike action on Friday.

The Federal Government says the “success” of its cashless welfare card trial means it will continue.

The Federal Government wants to ban unvaccinated children from childcare centres.

Documents obtained under freedom-of-information show almost no-one was ready when the nationwide NDIS rollout began.

An advanced DNA project has mapped the connection to country of Indigenous Australians.

One of the internet’s founding fathers says tech giants must fight fake news.

The Climate Institute is closing due to a lack of funding.

Billionaire Elon Musk has entered South Australia’s energy debate.

WikiLeaks has published the CIA’s entire cyber-attack playbook.

It is still unknown how many overpayment errors have been caused by Centrelink.

The CEFC has rejected the Government's claim that renewables lead to blackouts.

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Rates of autism diagnosis have increased 20 fold over the last 30 years, and no, it’s not because of vaccines.

NASA has sent a robot into space that will hitchhike through the Solar System on the back of an asteroid.

I went to a science talk looking for controversy but all I found was science.

‘Ninety-seven per cent of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming’ – a statement about agreement that not everyone agrees on.

There is excitement in the world of astronomy, with suggestions our solar system could contain a never-before-seen planet.

Researchers say they have evidence that an object about ten times the mass of Earth has been hiding in the outer solar system.

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