ACOSS wants the Senate to reject the cashless welfare card program.

The new boss of the APVMA says he has found transparency helps soothe workers’ feelings about the move to Armidale.

A new survey finds most Australians want a federal ICAC.

PM&C chief Martin Parkinson wants public service leaders to hold a national survey of Australian views of government service delivery.

An expert on superannuation in Australia says the Federal Government is going for “entirely the wrong model”.

A new review says a string of biosecurity failures allowed white spot disease to spread in Queensland ...

An anti-nuclear group founded in Australia has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and used the attention to call for a complete ban on atomic weapons.

NBN Co’s decision to stall the HFC rollout has already cost $50 million.

The Government has revealed which companies have received its $36 billion worth of IT procurement in the last five years.

Martin Parkinson says former prime minister Tony Abbott damaged the bureaucracy when he sacked him.

The ATO has ditched a plan to reveal the bottom 10 per cent of its employees.

A number of the federal government’s major agencies may be caught up in a payroll scandal.

The CPSU has described an attempt to have Border Force pay for their own team-building activities as “half-baked”.

The Prime Minister has revealed new details about his government’s powerful new Home Affairs portfolio.

CSIRO has launched a new book to explain the crucial role oceans play in the lives of all Australians.

A survey of NDIS providers shows many are struggling to keep up ...

APRA says it may take regulatory action to force the finance sector to respond to climate change.

Despite 3,600 sackings last year, Eric Abetz wants APS job cuts to go further.

The new boss of the APVMA says he will overhaul the agency as it relocates from Canberra.

The Prime Minister has announced a Royal Commission into the banking sector.

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