In a speech to the National Farmer’s Federation National Congress, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confirmed that the Government will implement a foreign land ownership registry.


Ms Gillard said that the register would be implemented to secure the future of the $30 billion food export industry and shore up domestic food security.


“The register will provide the community with a more comprehensive picture of the specific size and locations of foreign agricultural landholdings over and above what is currently available,” Ms Gillard said.


The announcement comes after fears over foreign ownership of large swathes of agricultural land reached fever pitch after it was revealed a foreign consortium had purchased Cubbie Station, the nation’s largest irrigation property.


“We will shortly be releasing a paper to begin discussions with stakeholders, including many people in this room, plus the States and Territories, about the design and content of the register,” Ms Gillard said.


“This plan will help ensure we have a sustainable, globally competitive, resilient food supply that supports access to nutritious and affordable food and that our agricultural sector makes the most of the opportunities, like the growth of Asia.”


The full transcript of Ms Gillard’s speech can be found here