A new study predicts renewable energy will provide one third of the national electricity market's needs within two years.

Consultancy firm Green Energy Markets (GEM) has produced a report using data from the Australian Energy Market Operator on solar and wind farms already operating, under construction or contracted, in addition to rooftop solar.

“This represents almost a doubling in renewables share compared to 2015 when it met 17.3 per cent of annual electricity consumption,” GEM director Tristan Edis told the ABC.

Mr Edis said he doubts the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) would make a difference to power station investment or emissions unless it carries a stronger emission target.

“Even if contracting and construction commitments to solar farms and wind farms halted from today, ongoing installations of rooftop solar should see renewables share reaching 39 per cent by 2030,” he said.

Meanwhile, senior LNP figures are petitioning Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to provide incentives for investment in patching up existing base load power stations.

Nationals backbencher Barnaby Joyce says rural voters may not support the NEG.

“We are not having people in the middle of winter being kicked back into the 20th century, back into the 19th century because they're going to have to go back to wood stoves,” Mr Joyce said.

“I was with people on the weekend and that's precisely what's happening.”

In an interview with 2GB’s Alan Jones, former prime minister Tony Abbott said plans to reduce emissions risk “damaging our economy in an attempt to save the planet in 100 years’ time”.

“I don’t think our children will thank us if we damage their future in order to make the world a bit colder for our grandchildren,” Mr Abbott said.