The Federal Government has announced the formation of a new manufacturing taskforce to assist Australia in making the most of the opportunities presented by the Asian Century.


Comprised of business, union and research leaders, the taskforce is chaired by Boeing Australia and South Pacific President Ian Thomas.


The Manufacturing Leaders Group will provide strategic advice to the Government; build better links between industry, the research sector and government; and promote improved capabilities to build more competitive firms and workplaces.


It will also assist the Government to implement its response to the Taskforce's recommendations.


The Leaders Group will focus on major productivity challenges such as building high-performance workplaces and engage with other parts of the economy such as capital markets and the mining, resources, construction and research sectors.


The Leaders Group will:

  • Provide strategic advice to the Minister for Industry and Innovation underpinned by quality research and analysis;
  • Champion capability development to build better firms and workplaces;
  • Encourage industry-led transformation;
  • Undertake consultation to obtain advice and feedback from industry stakeholders as may be required; and
  • Improve linkages and collaboration between stakeholders, and with other industry policy bodies, to support the development and implementation of a coherent set of Government industry policies and programs.