The world may have only six years left to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

New research says the window to avoid 1.5°C of warming will close before 2030 if emissions are not reduced

A team of international researchers has reevaluated the methodology used in the recent IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, cutting the remaining carbon budget in half from 500 gigatonnes of CO2 to 250. 

This carbon budget represents the amount of CO2 that can be emitted without exceeding the 1.5°C warming threshold set by the Paris Agreement. 

The findings raise concerns about the urgency of emissions reduction efforts. 

The study underscores the need for the IPCC to consider more frequent updates, given its roughly seven-year publication cycle.

The remaining carbon budget, crucial for climate planning under the Paris Agreement, may be exhausted within six years, according to the updated modelling. 

To limit warming to 2°C, the remaining carbon budget is estimated at 1,200 gigatonnes of CO2. 

If emissions continue at 2022 levels, this would translate to roughly 23 years for a 66 per cent chance or 12 years for a 90 per cent chance of staying within the 2°C limit. 

More details are accessible here.