Legal experts say Australia’s new facial recognition scheme is open to misuse.

The Prime Minister has announced a sweeping review of the federal public service.

Weather forecasts could soon come with a hail of union messaging.

A royal commissioner has questioned the legality of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The Federal Government is providing a $50 million boost to Australia's budding space industry.

The Federal Government’s remote work-for-the-dole scheme has been labelled ineffective and potentially harmful.

A leading economist says fixing the “unnecessarily cruel” dole system is a more important than budget repair.

A new role has been created to crack down on “sophisticated” serious and organised crime.

The CEFC has given $5 million in support for a company that makes energy-saving thermostats.

An expansion of waste-to-energy projects is on the way, but experts say we cannot burn out problems away.

The new Gonski report says Australia's school curriculum should be changed to focus to individual student achievements.

The outgoing boss of the NBN says government policy is behind some slow speeds.

The Federal Government has announced a $500 million package to help deal with the problems facing the Great Barrier Reef.

New figures suggest Australia’s cities are struggling to handle the influx of international students.

The Treasury Department has dismissed all recommendations in a report on its corporate planning and reporting responsibilities.

The Department of Home Affairs has warned Fair Work not to be ‘seduced’ the CPSU's plan to end a pay stoush.

The Federal Government is scrapping a Medicare levy hike intended to pour billions into the NDIS.

‘Human error’ and security bollards have led to a $30,000 damage bill for Commonwealth cars.

NBN Co has been accused of misusing its Sky Muster satellite service.

The Federal Government says it is hiring an additional 1,000 Centrelink call centre operators.

State and territory energy ministers have agreed to continue discussions on the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

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