Experts have revived their push for a sugary drink tax.

The school chaplains program has been labelled discriminatory.

The Federal Government is pushing a new model for carving up GST.

A high-profile lawyer has raised concerns about the Federal Government’s legal action against whistleblowers.

Tony Abbott wants Australia to pull out of the global climate agreement he signed the nation up for.

A government agency has been charged after two army recruits suffered severe electric shocks during a training exercise.

Coal is on track to become Australia’s largest export.

A new study predicts renewable energy will provide one third of the national electricity market's needs within two years.

The likelihood of Indigenous Australians having two or more chronic health conditions is 2.6 times higher than for non-Indigenous Australians.

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has been criticised for apparent data breaches.

A Senate committee has recommended a move towards three-parent IVF.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) wants more money so that it can provide more up-to-date inflation figures.

Britain's BAE Systems has secured a $35 billion contract to build nine Hunter class frigates in Adelaide.

The national redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse is now open.

Education ministers have launched a review of the publication of NAPLAN data and its relationship to teaching.

A Senate committee has slammed government efforts at digital transformation.

New reforms have been tabled that would make it easier to call in the military.

Some CSIRO staff have decided not appear before South Australia's Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin.

The NSW Government says it cannot ban toxic PFAS chemicals.

A Senate inquiry has recommended all single-use plastics be banned by 2023.

Energy minister Josh Frydenberg says he would welcome a new coal-fired power plant in Australia.

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