The anti-vax movement has not broken through.

New figures show the value of Australia's natural wealth has nearly doubled.

Taxpayers’ funds will be used to pay entitlements to Queensland Nickel workers.

Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne appears to be floating plans for a tobacco tax hike.

A single Australian teenage taxpayer contributed over $500,000 to government coffers in 2013/14.

Public servants at the federal government's only majority-Aboriginal agency have been offered just half the pay rise available to bureaucrats in majority-non-Aboriginal departments.

Pat Dodson has delivered a troubling reading of efforts to improve the legal treatment of Indigenous Australians.

The Victorian Government has provided over half a billion dollars to boost family violence responses.

Experts say they are ‘working blind’ when it comes to predicting erosion along most of Australia’s coast.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is making a big speech on resources and LNG today.

A watchdog for safe pay in the transport industry has been dealt a big blow, with a warning from the top that it could be scrapped.

Media investigations suggest the Federal Government could write off billions of dollars of higher education loans.

Leaked emails have caused outrage among CSIRO workers this week.

Former Liberal leader John Hewson says the next global recession could be caused by climate change.

The Federal Government has announced a big boost to the aged care sector.

A federal tribunal has been called in for a public servant who claimed she was psychologically damaged by a seating arrangement.

Experts say ritual human sacrifice may have been key to keeping power in ancient communities.

A key commissioner says Commonwealth whistleblower protection laws need to be enhanced.

Wilson Security has become the target of public outrage after a series of recent revelations.

Between $2.5 trillion and $24.2 trillion of global financial assets could be at risk due to climate change.

The Federal Government wants to override the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) to delay the introduction of new minimum payment rates for trucking contractors.

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