Australian scientists and experts have signed a statement calling on the next Australian government to prioritise climate action.

Australia has reportedly resettled two suspected murderers in a refugee deal with the USA.

Tech giants have pledged to work with governments and each other to combat the threat of violent extremism on the internet.

CSIRO was pushed to accept the Federal Government’s approval of the Adani’s groundwater plans, reports say.

A group of Murray irrigators have lodged a class action against the MDBA ...

Government funding to private schools has grown by far more than public schools over the decade to 2017.

A new study suggests prison sentences do not significantly reduce rates of future violent crime.

Experts say Australia is in a STEM teaching crisis.

The Food Safety Information Council has some tips for keeping democracy sausages safe this weekend.

The ACTU president is set to address a minimum wage case for the first time in decades.

The Department of Defence has been charged over the death of a soldier killed in a live fire training exercise.

The Department of Human Services has restructured its chief information officer group.

Facebook is attempting to bolster the accountability and transparency of political content in the current federal election campaign.

The Federal Government wants to pay companies to test space equipment in Australia.

The Morrison government wants to reduce power prices by 25 per cent.

The ALP says Australia will get its first minister for charities if it wins the May 18 federal election.

A new report warns climate change is a major threat to Australia’s financial stability, and poses substantial systemic economic risks.

The UN’s former climate czar has called out “appalling inaction in Canberra” on climate change.

A new assessment of global biodiversity paints a gloomy picture of the accelerating decline of life on Earth.

A former Nationals MP has called on the party to push for a royal commission into water management.

A new report warns of a corrosion risk for Australia’s fleet of Joint Strike Fighter jets.

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