A new survey seeks Australian views on daylight savings.

Australian governments have agreed to new mandatory minimum classifications for gambling in games.

Strong debate has emerged around measures to combat disinformation.

An expert in public policy says Australia’s intergenerational reports could be improved.

The Australian government is considering a licensing scheme for telecommunications retailers.

The Federal Government has announced plans to overhaul its “broken” protection visa system.

Miners say new labour laws could kill bonuses, share-based compensation and other incentives.

COVID-19 has become the first infectious disease in Australia’s top 5 causes of death since 1970.

As part of efforts to become the world's first climate-neutral continent, the European Union is launching a border tax policy to drive climate action.

Members of the soon-to-be-abolished Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) will need to reapply for their positions.

One of Australia’s biggest business lobbies is upset at new safety laws.

Taiwan wants Australian help to join the trans-Pacific partnership.

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