First listed on: 17 January 2024

 Activate Graduate Program Technologist


We are looking for creative, energetic and ambitious people who are motivated to further Australia’s national interest by working in a unique and highly specialised intelligence agency.

We value problem solving, critical thinking and innovation. Whether you’re studying law, tech, mathematics, engineering, arts or accounting, ASIS is looking for ACTIVATE graduate applicants with diverse skillsets from a range of academic backgrounds. 

Are you a problem solver? If cutting edge technology is your thing, or you have novel or unconventional ideas to solving technical challenges, then an ASIS graduate technologist career beckons. 

Our technical reach and partnerships are broad, diverse and constantly evolving. Our technical challenges demand diversity of thought, teamwork, and non-traditional solutions. Our technical workforce is passionate and committed. 

As a graduate in the technologist stream you’ll undertake multiple workplace rotations that expose you to a range of technical activities; that purposefully build your corporate cultural knowledge; and that develop and extend your skills and tech competencies. You’ll work with both operational technology and enterprise teams to innovate and develop new solutions to complex problems that enable the foreign intelligence collection mission. On successful completion of the Graduate Program you will be placed in a technical team which matches your skills and interests.

We are looking for those with proficiency in fields including, but not limited to;

  • ICT
  • Software Development
  • Data (analytics, management, science)
  • Engineering (hardware, software, communications, RF, mechatronics, mechanical, and electronic)
  • Networks
  • Cloud
  • Cyber
  • Client Engagement and more.

What to expect?


Learn the business of foreign intelligence collection by working on real problems and projects and using your skills to support actual intelligence operations that advance Australia’s interests.


Be supported with tailored learning and development programs to enhance your understanding of the intelligence business and help achieve your goals. We provide opportunities for coaching, digital learning and ongoing financial assistance for further study to continue to support your career.


As a graduate you will build networks and friendships through engagement with peers and senior leaders alike; through a number of initiatives and opportunities; through mentoring and coaching activities; and through networking events across difference areas of government and the national intelligence community.


ASIS values diversity and inclusion and has a broad range of opportunities for you to contribute to the culture and face of the organisation. Get involved in supporting graduates that follow you and sharing your knowledge and achievements.

Applications close: Wednesday February 28, 2024

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