First listed on: 21 November 2023

NAIDOC Committee Members


The National NAIDOC Committee invites dedicated and talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply for Membership to the National NAIDOC Committee.

The National NAIDOC Committee (the Committee) is an independent of government, voluntary Committee comprising ten Members of which two are elected Co-Chairs.

The Committee is entrusted with making key decisions about National NAIDOC Week events on behalf of all First Nations people.

The National NAIDOC Committee makes key decisions on National NAIDOC activities each year including selecting the focus city, developing a national theme, selecting the National NAIDOC Poster Competition winner and National NAIDOC award recipients and working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations and key stakeholders to help build on the success and reach of NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC Week and the National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony play a vital and unique role in celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence,

Membership of the National NAIDOC Committee is voluntary, and no remuneration is provided for the position.

Travel and accommodation to participate in Committee meetings and to attend the National NAIDOC Awards event is provided in line with the National Indigenous Australians Agency's (NIAA) travel policy.

A complimentary table of 10 tickets is provided to committee members for the National NAIDOC Ball.

NNC members will be appointed for a term of three years commencing from the first meeting after the expression of interest process. NNC Members can only serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Committee is responsible for setting the dates and theme annually for National NAIDOC Week, selecting the winner of the National NAIDOC Week Poster Competition, selecting the winners of the National NAIDOC Week Awards, and selecting the focus city for future National NAIDOC Week Awards Ceremonies.

Additionally, support for National NAIDOC Week continues to grow exponentially which has increased the scope of the Committee's work.

Membership of the National NAIDOC Committee requires a substantial time commitment (at least 15 hours per month). This includes a willingness to travel to attend meetings (which are sometimes on weekends and after hours) as well as taking carriage of projects out of session to help drive the Committee's agenda. Willingness to leverage your personal networks to advance NAIDOC will be considered favourably. Similarly, a strong governance background and previous experience in Committees, not-for-profits or Boards will be highly regarded.

The National NAIDOC Committee is supported by the National NAIDOC Secretariat at the National Indigenous Australians Agency which is the Committee's major funding partner. Currently, sitting fees are not paid for this position however travel, accommodation, meals and incidental expenses to attend Committee meetings and the National NAIDOC Week Awards Ceremony is provided.

Please email for a full information pack and how to apply.

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