The Federal Government has announced a National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout plan that will see the service delivered, or in the process of delivery, in the next three years.


NBN Co announced that Stage 1 of the large-scale rollout of the National Broadband Network is now underway and will see of the fibre optic component of the network delivered or be underway to areas of the country containing 3.5 million premises in 1500 communities in every state and territory in Australia, comprising one third of the nation’s homes and businesses.


The fibre optic broadband offered to consumers will see speeds of up to 100Mbps to 93 per cent of Australian premises, with the remaining 7 per cent of premises expected to receive high-speed broadband via fixed-wireless or satellite due to be completed by 2015.


So far, the NBN has been rolled out to 18,200 premises, with the NBN Co rolling out fibre network in a series of modules, each containing 2500-3000 premises.


"Construction contracts are in place and the major commercial and regulatory hurdles have been cleared, giving us the momentum we need to deliver better broadband to every Australian no matter where they live,” NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said.


"The NBN is not just about faster internet - it’s about an upgrade to the infrastructure that will underpin the delivery of vital applications that Australians will need over the coming decades. This is a great step forward in preparing our country for the future and helping to address some of its biggest challenges in healthcare, education and business."

Across Australia, the numbers of homes, businesses, schools and hospitals that will see construction begin or be completed by mid 2015 are:
·         1,010,700 in New South Wales
·         691,600 in Victoria
·         678,600 in Queensland
·         429,200 in Western Australia.
·         327,300 in South Australia
·         135,300 in the ACT
·         65,200 in the Northern Territory
·         209,100 in Tasmania


The full list of localities where the network is up and running, where work is underway and where work is scheduled to begin before mid-2015 can be viewed on theCommunities in the rollout page. Communities can also check the progress of the rollout by typing in their location or postcode into the interactive NBN rollout map.