The Federal Government has announced the appointment of an export panel for carbon farming to address the proposed methods for developing carbon credits under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).


The Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee (DOIC) will begin assessing methodologies immediately, providing more opportunities for farmers and other landholders to benefit from the carbon market.


Landholders, farmers and waste facility operators can begin planning projects to permanently plant native species and reduce methane from manure generated in piggeries.


The committee members have a range of local and international expertise, including Professor Tim Reeves (Chair), Dr Tony Press, Professor Lynette Abbott, Rebecca Burdon, Dr Brian Keating and Shayleen Thompson.


Shayleen Thompson is the head of the Land Division in the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.


The committee has a diverse range of experience and scientific expertise in areas relevant to the CFI, including soil carbon sequestration and revegetation, and will ensure that CFI methodologies are based on robust science and will lead to verifiable abatement of carbon pollution.


This committee replaces the interim DOIC set up to fast track the assessment of methodologies submitted for assessment prior to the CFI commencing.


For further information on the CFI and the role of the DOIC visit Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee.